Website trends for the year 2017

Every year, the website designing industry goes through some or the other kind of evolution to stay inspiring and relevant.  Here are a few website trends that might give your website a facelift in the year 2017.

Grid layouts and card design

It was first promoted by Pinterest, card design layouts continue to influence and shape the trends of web design. What’s more? We will get to see more of the dynamic grid style in the year 2017.  It is the responsiveness, flexibility, simplicity and organization that these cards create make them so appealing. Grid layouts are apt for pages that have an abundance of data because they make information enticing and easily accessible.

VR and 360º video

We all heard about the virtual reality last year; however the trend did not make a huge impact on the websites so far. One finest example of how VR and 360º video can be integrated into web designs for creating interactive and breathtaking experience is the promo campaign of Peugeot 208 that makes use of both the technologies to showcase or represent a new product.

High-quality and authentic photography

Stock photography decreases trust and is often ignored. Not only is it bad for design but also worse for business. With an increasing number of authentic photography websites being launched, finding high-quality images is much easier than ever before. Thus, there will be decline in chess stock photography in website design.   Studies and researches conducted have established that images featuring real people have high chances at converting visitors.  To attract and engage customers, brands would be focusing on real-life looking images which contribute more to the visual story of their website.

AI-powered bots and conversational interfaces

When it comes to visuals, bots are unlikely to create a huge impact on website design, however, they would significantly influence how web designers think about the creation of websites. As a matter of fact, AI-powered bots are going to become more complex and realistic this year, endowing businesses to automate sales and communications. Making use of certain tools such as Letsclap, online businesses would be able to connect with their customers through messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat or WhatsApp providing customized commerce and support.  There will be a huge shift in conversational interfaces assisting big brands express different aspects of their personality, thus making them more approachable and human.