Google Analytics Rolls Out New Tag Manager Tools

Users now have access to new APIs, more third-party templates and an updated user interface.



Google analytics launched a new set of tools for Tag Manager users, including new APIs, third-party templates and a refreshed user interface.

According to Google, the new Tag Manager API lets users customize their infrastructure and better manage bulk user access.

From creating and managing users to previewing and publishing containers and tags, the API provides all the power of the web interface.

Google Analytics Blog

Insureandgo’s head of marketing Simon Everett claimed the new Google Tag Manager API allowed his team to move faster, “We can make decisions much quicker and see within a few weeks whether the strategy has worked. Before it would have taken six to nine months.”

Other updates include the addition of third-party templates from providers like AdRoll, Marin, ComScore and Criteo, and a newly updated user interface designed to be more like Adwords and Google Analytics.

You can find more details about Google’s Tag Manager updates, along with screen shots of the new user interface on our partner site at Marketing Land:

Google Analytics Launches New Set Of Tools For Tag Manager Users


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