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Digital Technologies – What Works?

The ever-evolving world of digital technologies is changing the rules of all types of industries. However, one most important law which governs most businesses has not changed- customer orientation and customer centricity. Steering the digital transformation by converting technology, processes and organizations without ensuring that customer is at the centre of your digital strategy will not take your business even close to success.

Reading further you will get to know about the strategies which work and strategies which fail as far as designing of a digital marketing strategy is considered. You should always work out a strategy which resonates with the potential and existing customers.  Here, we narrow it down to a few important factors.

Wireframe globe on abstract binary code backgroundBuilding insight capabilities to co-create

Given that digital marketing is challenging, only those who make sure that their customers need are attended and well-taken care of can achieve the desired goal.  It is extremely important to understand your customers and respond to theory requirements in a prompt way if you truly want to succeed in this highly competitive world. Much of this success depends on how well the data is gathered.  If you are launching a new product under your brand then make sure that you have an innovative and creative approach to market it to customers spread across different platforms.

Is your company ‘on brand’?

The most common question that digital marketer’s face – how do we create something that goes viral generating a high volume of traffic, and thus customers? Instead of working out a marketing strategy that reaches out millions of people, create a digital marketing plan which focusses on the customers who are interested in your products and services, and it does not have to global. Start by targeting and influencing ten people to buy product followed by influencing another hundred and so on.  A Step-by-step approach is important for those who want to achieve the big goal. It is important for you to remember that most effective lasting influences are that stay on brand.


Most of the times, observers and companies are confused about the actual meaning of digital let alone having any idea how it should go.  Moreover, they also run headlong into the fray thinking why it is being done, in the first place.  In case the rationale is just to go viral then it is no less than a gamble whether it will meet strategic business objectives or not, such as the increase in revenues or sale.

In a nutshell, when it comes to success in the world of digital marketing, it is important to learn innovative skills to successfully leverage platforms. Fundamentally speaking, to an extent, it needs you to go back to the grass roots of the business – the customer and how the upcoming of digital marketing has transformed the behaviour of the customer. By building these above-mentioned insights, companies can place customers at the centre of the strategy and front and create an experience that will convert them into an influencer so that customers can make a decision.